Meetings will be held in the City Hall Chambers every 2 months on Tuesdays starting at 6:00.  Everyone is Welcome to attend...Tell a Friend  

The Neighborhood Watch was started in Shady Cove on August 30, 2007.  The success can be attributed to the joint effort of Chief Mendenhall , Joe & Jackie Perez & the Block Captain’s commitment. 

The City of Shady Cove is presently looking for a coordinator for this position.  If you are interested in taking over this very important community program, please call the City of Shady Cove.

As a coordinator for the Shady Cove/Trail Community Watch Program, it will be imperative to keep the Block Captains and the Shady Cove and Trail Neighborhoods informed by providing informative meetings with guest speakers.  In the past, our meetings have included Red Cross Preparedness, First Aid Classes, and the Jackson County Sheriff role.  By gaining the understanding of what all the processes are, you will have a full understanding why some of your concerns are not being handled the way that you believe that they should be.  Suggestions for guest speakers are always welcome and encouraged!  Everyone is invited come to the Shady Cove/Trail Community Meetings; it is not just open to the Block Captains. The forum is casual and questions are encouraged.

The more that you are informed about your community, the better your community will become.  This program is about neighbors helping neighbors, families helping families, and strangers helping strangers. Communication between the citizens and the Sheriff’s Department is instrumental in protecting Shady Cove/Trail and the outlining areas. 

Even though, Shady Cove/Trail are considered by many a small towns, this is another reason why we need to look out for our community!  Crime, medical emergencies, and disasters come to small towns too! 


History of the Neighborhood Watch

In 1973, the National Sheriff’s Department adopted the Neighborhood Watch Model Program.  Medford , Oregon adopted the program in 1983, and presently has in excess of 175 Neighborhood Watch Groups.  Now that Shady Cove/Trail  has joined with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, they will be even more involved in giving us the guidance and support to grow our program into a bigger and more successful program.

Disaster Preparedness-Emergency Management Information

Disaster preparedness is something that most of us don’t feel that we need to be prepared for, but disasters can happened at anytime, in any place.  When we live in a town with very little water, except from the Rogue River , have trees all around us, and the threat of flooding, don’t say it won’t happen.  Your question should be “When will a disaster happen?”  If the bridge went out, would you know how to help your Neighbor, Family member or a Stranger before help could get there?

Find out how to protect your family in case of an emergency by going to the American Red Cross Website

Be proactive and not reactive when a situation comes your way!  “Being unprepared becomes part of the problem.”  “Being prepared is part of the solution.”  Be taught the skills and training that you might need when someone calls on you in a time of need.  They will be glad that you did!

Shady Cove Sub-Station Office Phone Number for the Jackson Co Sheriff Office is:  541.878.3200
Non-Emergency Dispatch Phone Number is:  541.776.7206
If this is an Emergency call:  9-1-1