Shady Coveís Emergency Management Program would like to make an emergency preparedness guideline by providing the tools and resources needed to take 4 important steps:

  • Be informed about the different types of emergencies that can happen in our community and the appropriate preparedness steps.

  • Make a family communication plan.

  • Build an emergency kit for your home and car.

  • Get involved with our community preparedness efforts

Shady Cove is working on making the community and our citizens better prepared for disasters: Shady Cove Emergency Operations Plan

In 2012 Shady Cove kicked off a program to help the City and residents become better prepared for natural and man-made disasters. With help from Jackson County Emergency Management, Shady Cove received a grant to update their Emergency Operations Plan. Like building a house; this plan is only the foundation on which our community can move forward and build a comprehensive program to make the City and our residents better prepared for a disaster.  Additionally, in 2012 Shady Cove updated their ďNatural Hazard Mitigation PlanĒ (NHMP). This is required by FEMA and is part of a larger county wide plan that allows the city to be eligible for possible future grants to help with mitigation projects. As part of this process a risk assessment was completed to help identify the most likely natural disasters our city will face. All potential disasters were assessed; however, it will be no surprise what the top 3 potential disasters are for Shady Cove:

  1. Wild land fires

  2. Severe weather event

  3. Flooding

2013 will be a year of continued work on emergency preparedness. The City has contracted with Building Department Services to help the city prepare and manage the program. Ed Mayer, a Shady Cove resident, will fill the Emergency Manager position. Mayer comes to the city with extensive experience in Emergency Management and is retired from the Jackson County Sheriff Department following a 28 year career.  If you or a group you are affiliated with would like Ed to talk about getting better prepared for an emergency, he can be contacted through City Hall at 541-878-2225.

Do you have special needs? Would you need help in an emergency? If so:

You might want to apply to be in the Disaster Registry if -- in the case of a flood, forest fire or other disaster--you or someone you care for would:

  • Need outside help to safely leave your home during a disaster;

  • Be in jeopardy if you stayed in your home, without assistance, for three days;

  • Need special notification about the need for evacuation, due to impairment.

To register pick up a Disaster Registry application form at Shady Cove City Hall or register on line

Jackson County Citizen Alert offers FREE emergency notification:

We canít alert you if we canít reach you, now you can get emergency information quickly. Want to know if an emergency is happening at home, your childrenís school, work or your parentís house? You can be notified if an emergency is happening up to 5 different locations.  Landline telephones  included in the 911 database are already registered, but by signing up online you can also be notified by:

  • Mobile phone

  • Work phone

  • Email

  • Text message

Itís easy and it is quick. Click here to register. There are also videos to watch to inform you on the process and its applications.  If you have any questions call Shady Cove City Hall.

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